Fly your drone, use our software

Already using a drone in your daily operations?
Scanifly has you covered. Upload your data to Scanifly to analyze and design using a high definition 3D mapped environment. 


Not flying a drone, yet?

Let Scanifly do it for you! Simply request a drone survey, and one of Scanifly's FAA certified remote pilots will capture data for you. Request a survey for design and project management, or inquire with us for upcoming seminars and in-house workshops.


Consulting Services

Our full-stack service. We're there for you for your project’s life cycle.


What Customers are saying about Scanifly

"Scanifly has been an extremely valuable part of our process and has greatly reduced our time on site and increased our safety at the same time. Scanifly is a truly unique and valuable tool in our solar tool belt that lets us design in a way that was previously not possible. The look on customers faces when they see their house modeled with solar panels is absolutely priceless."

- Timothy Jackson, SunCommon

"Scanifly makes our job easier and helps us to be more productive!"

- Tigran Tadevosyan, LA Solar Group

"It has never been easier to show our customers in real time how their PV systems will look and perform, all of this without the risk of climbing onto any roofs. Scanifly is one of the best tools out there!"

- Alan Vela, Photovoltaic Engineer, Galt Energy

"Scanifly has made it possible for us to provide clients with accurate and comprehensive survey information while cutting our field time in half and expanding our area of operations. They have been quick to respond to any questions and eager to help. The great customer service has made the choice to use Scanifly easy."

- Jennifer Kemme, PE, Vision Civil Engineering